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Blockchain Enthusiast

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I'm a Software Engineer with a background in finance and accounting who knows full stack development in Javascript, Ruby on Rails and PHP. I have participated in SCRUM teams, lead Angular refactors and been through every step of the software development life cycle.

I have a passion for creating beautiful front-facing applications while implementing RESTful APIs that are refactored, tested and commented. During my free time I like to learn blockchain development including Bitcoin and Solidity and tune my algorithmic trading bots using technical analysis.

I have read "Mastering Blockchain" and "Mastering Ethereum" by Andreas Antonopoulos and worked on sveral blockchain projects with aspirations to be a Blockchain Engineer. Below is an software diagram I made before the Johns Hopkins University medical hackathon to have a blueprint and reduce confusion while coding mercilessly throughout the sleep-deprived long nights.

My goal was to utilize multiple private blockchains that fed into a main public blockchain for the user-facing interface. This would only allow only links to imaging, patient information, etc. to be stored within the blockchain. The actual information was going to be kept in a data lake that would use Glacier as a long-term low I/O storage that would be retrieved by Google Cloud Platform. For information that was recalled more often (pharmaceuticals) it would be stored in Encrypted S3 buckets or STORJ so that there wouldn't be one specific area of weakness for hackers to attack. I architected it this way in order to prevent any future decryption attacks that would be possible with quantum decryption of SHA-256. (Maybe I'm prematurely optimizing, but doesn't hurt to be prepared!)


Blockchain EMR

An explanation on how I attempted to create a blockchain Electronic Medical Records at Johns Hopkins University in 36 hours.
Angular, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails

Intouch Health

A leading provider in the telehealth space touching over 176,000 out of 760,000 stoke patients in the US alone.
Some technologies used: Angular, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Express, Lambda, EC2, Mocha, Jasmine, Activiti, Jenkins


A subscription-based service for all your lawn-mowing needs.
Ionic, Cordova, Angular, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Express, Jasmine, Karma, Stripe

A fleet management solution and loads marketplace for truckers.
Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Express, Google Maps API v3, D3, Bootstrap, Mocha, Jasmine, MailGun, Stripe

A prelauncher for the BirchBox of Cannabis. Utilized the Harry's prelaunchr and updated it from Rails version 3 to 4.
Ruby on Rails, SendGrid, Parallax, PostgreSQL, Active Record, Active Admin, Delayed Jobs, Capybara, Rspec

A tax preparation software that estimates the amount owed or returned.
Angular, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB

A chatroom for zombie apocalyse survivors made using a serverless architecture.
Twilio API, Slack API, SocketIO, Lambda, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Amazon API Gateway, Cognito, SNS

A Widget and API that turns digital transactions into Bitcoin.
Ruby on Rails, CoinBase, BrainTree

A nightmarish 3d Shooter.
C#, Unity